Tanjim Bin Faruk

Tanjim Bin Faruk

MS in Computer Science

Colorado State University


I am actively looking for full time software engineering opportunities starting June 2024.

Hi! I am Tanjim. Welcome to my personal website.

I completed my undergrad from the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology in Computer Science in Engineering. Joined Chaldal (Y Combinator 2015) before graduation. Worked there as a Software Engineer as part of the Operations Team for a year and a half. My work focused on building the Chaldal Vegetable Network (CDVN) platform and making various improvements to the Mapping project. I had the opportunity to be introduced to the functional programming paradigm. The tech stack that I worked with included F#, C#, .NET, SQL Server, Visual Studio, and Azure DevOps.

Currently, I am enrolled in the Masters in Computer Science program at Colorado State University with an expected graduation date of May 2024. I intend to join the software industry after my graduation to make meaningful contributions and advance my career as a competent software engineer.

  • Software Development
  • Web Security
  • Malware Analysis
  • MS in Computer Science, 2024 (Expected)

    Colorado State University

  • BS in Computer Science and Engineering, 2021

    Bangladesh Universtiy of Engineering and Technology

Work Experience

Graduate Teaching Assistant
August 2022 – Present Fort Collins, Colorado
Software Engineer
February 2021 – May 2022 Dhaka, bangladesh
  • Developed the entire backend of CDVN (Chaldal Vegetable Network) in F# as part of a two-person team,contributing to a 66% increase in order volume, an 81% growth in vegetables served, and a 113% boost in revenue
  • Engineered an Operation Center Sorting Algorithm for Chaldal Vegetable Network, streamlining the entire perishable product flow inside a warehouse
  • Enhanced the Open Street Map data import process, enabling bulk updates with zero SQL Server database downtime
  • Developed a Geocoding API utilizing Apache Lucene for precisely locating customer buildings through search engine indexing
  • Implemented a Reverse Geocoding API, handling an average of 30k daily requests and peaks of 50k, to convert latitude-longitude data into customer addresses
  • Worked with Razor and Xamarin Forms Pages to add validation constrains and integrate API endpoints
  • Analyzed anomalous API usage on Azure Portal using Kusto Query Language (KQL) and made necessary improvements based on the observations
  • Pulled out common code between CDVN and Mapping codebase and published as a .nuget package to be referenced in other projects
  • Created wiki documentation for feature requests and existing APIs
  • General cleanup of CDVN and Mapping codebase: enforced standard naming for SQL Stored Procedures, code cleanup and authentication-authorization system overhaul
  • Review pull requests in CDVN and Mapping projects
  • Created an automation tool for adding Liquibase scripts as a standalone .exe file
Software Engineering Trainee
November 2020 – February 2021 Dhaka, bangladesh
  • Solved Euler Project problems on HackerRank leveraging basic F# syntax and data structures
  • Measured output and verified the authenticity of a stock prediction machine learning algorithm using python

Research Experience

Scientific Claim Detection and Classification Using Large Language Models
Graduate Research
September 2023 – December 2023 Fort Collins, Colorado, USA
  • Evalued the effectiveness of Large Language Models like ChatGPT and Llama 2 in identifying and classifying scientific claims in COVID-19 tweets using various prompt engineering techniques
  • Supervisor: Professor Dr. Hossein Shirazi
Trust Based Access Control System
Graduate Research
May 2023 – August 2023 Fort Collins, Colorado, USA
  • Created an access control system prototype for Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices based on trust that eliminates the Cryptographic requirements
  • The Trust Management System (TMS) is responsible for monitoring and managing trust indicators as well as evaluating trust levels of different entities and answering queries for entity trust. TMS takes into account current indicator values and previous history of trust to determine trust value of a device.
  • Supervisor: Professor Dr. Indrajit Ray
Rootkit Behavior Analysis and Detection Mechanism
Undergraduate Thesis
May 2019 – February 2021 Dhaka, bangladesh
  • Our work on Rootkit Behavioral Analysis was published in the monthly magazine of Bangladesh Government’s e-Government Computer Incident Response Team (BGD e-GOV CIRT), currently serving as the National CIRT of Bangladesh. (August 2021 Edition).
  • Tools & Technologies: Linux, Virtual Box, Vagrant, QEMU, KVM Hypervisor, Ansible
  • Thesis Supervisor: Professor Dr. Md. Shohrab Hossain

Teaching Experience

Co-founder & Content creator
June 2019 – September 2019 Dhaka, bangladesh



Scientific Claim Detection in Twitter Dataset Using LLMs

Assessed the effectiveness of Large Language Models such as ChatGPT and Llama 2 in identifying scientific claims with different prompt engineering techniques, using metrics like Accuracy, Precision, Recall, and F1 score

Securing Medical Data with Blockchain

Created an end-to-end, integrated blockchain solution for securely transferring medical records

License Plate Recognition

Automated the process of extracting license plate number as texts using Computer Vision and Deep Learning

CSE 472 - Machine Learning Lab

Implemented Decision Tree, AdaBoost, K Nearest Neighbor, Naive Bayes, Principal Component Analysis and Expectation Maximization as part of CSE 472 coursework.

CSE 474 - Pattern Recognition Lab

Implemented Perceptron, Neural Network, Template Matching and Channel Equalization as part of CSE 474 coursework.

TCP Reset Attack

Demonstrated TCP Reset attack on video streaming applications to disrupt video streaming on target client using Man-in-the-middle attack. Used pcap for RST attack and scapy for MITM attack.

Cricket Database Management

Worked extensively on Oracle PL/SQL and JDBC to create a Cricket DB with JavaFX on the Front-end & Java on the back-end

Algorithm Visualization Tool

UsingiGraphicslibrary, developed a visualization tool that simulates Sieve of Eratosthenes and Bubble Sort

Algorithmic Problem Solving

A list of my solved problems from various online judges like Leetocde, HackerRank, UVa, Codeforces etc.

Academic Achievements

University Stipend Scholarship
For excellent academic performance
Dean’s List Scholarship
For achieving a GPA greater than 3.75 in two consecutive semesters (2018-19 academic year)

Extra Curricular Activities

  • Achieved 1st position in a hackathon organized by BUET CSE department
Liberation War Quiz
  • Became champion in a team quiz organized by BUET Brainiacs on Bangladesh Victory Day
Liberation War Quiz
  • Became champion in a university level team quiz organized by *Dhaka College Science Club
Certificate of Appreciation
  • Received a certificate of appreciation from the Embassy of Sweden for assistance in organizing in Sweden Bangladesh Nobel Memorial Quiz 2015

Leadership Activities

Coordinator, 2015 Batch
May 2020 – February 2021 Dhaka, bangladesh
  • Brought on board seasoned software engineers and doctoral researchers and organized multiple webinars on diverse topics notably - Systems Design, Engineering Management, and Women in Tech
Vice President
November 2018 – February 2021 Dhaka, bangladesh
  • Directed a team of 10+ members in organizing events
  • Drafted ideas, set questions and oversaw the administrative tasks for numerous quiz contests

Technical Skills

.NET Core
MS SQL Server
Azure DevOps
Bash Script
Visual Studio
Visual Studio Code


Problem Solving (Intermediate) Certificate
Covers topics of Data Structures (such as HashMaps, Stacks and Queues) and Algorithms (such as Optimal Solutions).
See certificate
Problem Solving (Basic) Certificate
Covers basic topics of Data Structures (such as Arrays, Strings) and Algorithms (such as Sorting and Searching)
See certificate
Basics of Python 3, including conditional execution and iteration as control structures, and strings and lists as data structures.
See certificate